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Debo and Jubilee frenchie puppies for sale have finally arrived!  Jubilee had six puppies in this litter.  Of those six puppies we have been blessed with two males and four females.  The pups look to have good bone and beautiful heads at first glance.  This pairing was planned with short backs and thick and cobby bodies in mind, and we look forward to watching them progress.

Given the Color DNA of the parents and the visual confirmation of seeing the Frenchie puppies it looks like we have a Lilac Fawn Frenchie Male, a Blue and Tan Frenchie Male, a pair of Blue Trindle Frenchie Females, and a pair of Blue Fawn Tri possibly AY/AT Females.  Some of these puppies will carry Chocolate, and some will carry Cream and we look forward to confirmation of those traits after we receive the DNA reports back on each individual Frenchie puppy.